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Spring Break Adventure

Kids Care Adventures bring crafts, academics, and outdoor play to students while school is on break. Parents get time to work, complete errands, or prepare for the holidays while students are safe, learning, and having fun!

Every Adventure features thematic activities that engage students socially, creatively, and academically. Lessons are age appropriate and designed to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and literacy curriculum with fun and interactive crafts, games, and outdoor recreation. Students enroll one day at a time and themes change every holiday or break.

Every Day is a New Theme

Spring Break Adventure is a preview of what to expect all summer. Each day, Monday through Friday, showcases one of the five weekly themes in summer.


Blast Off
Expand your understanding of outer space in this stellar adventure! Create a solar system model, then build and launch your own NASA-approved rocket.


Cruisin’ the World
Travel the globe and learn about different countries and continents. Decorate Mexican mirror art and snack on an edible replica of the Eiffel Tower! 


Nature Unleashed
Explore animals of all shapes and sizes, from house pets to exotic species. Feel how blubber helps in cold waters, create a camouflaged chameleon, and learn ways to protect the animal kingdom.


Full STEAM Ahead
Program your brain to think like a creative inventor. Design and build classical engineering marvels, like catapults and pendulums, and build mind muscles with puzzles and games.


Beat the Heat
Challenge adventurers to water games, relay races, and epic water-blast competitions. Play with different forms of water and learn about the importance of conservation.


Adventures are open to all students in grades K-5. You do not need to be already enrolled in Kids Care. You also do not need to be enrolled in Carlsbad Unified School District. 

More Reasons to Join

Themed Activities
Every Kids Care Adventure has themed games, crafts, and lessons that relate to the current season.

Outdoor Play
Students enjoy outdoor play and recreation every day after school. Our instructors teach sportsmanship and introduce new field games.

Snack Time
Snacks are provided to every student in the morning and afternoon. Each day is a different option selected from two different food groups.

Social Distancing
Most free time, structured activities, and games are spent outside. When inside, students are assigned seats so we limit close contacts from needing quarantine.


What Our Families Say

My son absolutely loves being at Adventure. He’s had a lot of fun with all of the different activities and themes.

My daughter came home happy and excited every day. She was proud to show off her crafts, snacks, and talk of the friends she made.

Our daughter has been having a fantastic time. Every day she comes home excited to share with us what she did. She is always exhausted when she gets home (a good thing!) and loves her counselors.

My boys were genuinely excited each and every day. They loved being able to interact with each of the teachers as well as with the other children.


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