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Gift a Kids Care Scholarship to provide full-day care for a family in financial need.
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The impact caused by school closures is felt deeply in our community. Working parents who normally rely on in-person education are now facing unplanned childcare costs.

Our Kids Care program is offering its high-quality care at the most affordable rate, but it’s not enough.

Families in our community need your help.

Here Are Their Stories.

My partner lost his job in March 2020 when shelter-in-place began. We have been living off my salary and are not able to pay the mortgage on our house and have deferred payments on our loan in order to pay other bills (food, electricity, internet, and water).

- Family of Three With One Income

My spouse passed away last year so I have to work full time, and I can’t be home to do distance learning with my son. With my rent and bills, full-day Kids Care is too much to afford.

- Widower With One Student

Our son was diagnosed with a rare medical condition in these last few months. Between his medical bills, increased utility costs during quarantine, and a reduction in work hours because of the pandemic, we are struggling week to week.

- Family With Two Working Parents

Families Need Your Support.

If a student in our community doesn’t have a safe space to learn, then he or she will lose connection with teachers and other students, and risk falling behind. 

Your gift will help provide a full scholarship for one student to receive academic support and after-school care while schools remain closed.

Help Us Provide Care for 20 Students.

We need your help to raise $62,000 to cover monthly Kids Care tuition for 20 students. Your generous donation will help students have a safe space to learn while schools remain closed.

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Kids Care is the only elementary student care program in Carlsbad to give 100% of its proceeds back to the Carlsbad Unified School District for programs in music, STEAM, and educational innovation that benefit every student from kindergarten through graduation.