100% of Proceeds from CEF Summer Enrichment Camps Support Music and STEM in Carlsbad Public Schools!

Robotics for Beginners

Week 2: June 24-28 | Grades K-4

Prepare for a natural disaster: build and program an earthquake simulator, floodgate, and a rescue helicopter! Build Milo, the friendly science rover, and program him to communicate. Build and program a race car and discover the speed factors used by design engineers.

LEGO Space Challenge

Week 4: July 8-12 | Grades 3-8

Getting to Mars takes a lot of work! Help solve the challenges that astronauts face using LEGO EV3 robots. Your missions: open communications with the LEGO Mars Science Lab, open the solar array, and bring the commander back to base. Ready to launch? Power up to beat gravity’s pull! On Mars, you’ll collect rock samples in search of water and life. For a super challenge, place the orbiter in orbit around Mars.

LEGO STEM Maker Space

Week 5: July 15-19 | Grades 1-6

Build, code, and play with the NEW LEGO Boost! Choose from several robot projects for your camp experience. Compose music on the LEGO Guitar4000, animate Frankie the Cat who plays and purrs, assemble an AutoBuilder that builds real LEGO models, build Vernie the friendly Robot, or program the Multi-Tooled Rover 4. Brainstorm and design exciting activities for your models.

Models, Machines, Robots and Rides

Week 6: July 22-26 | Grades 1-6

Build and race LEGO vehicles and a solar-powered car. Program Adventure-Bots to retrieve treasure, or participate in the LEGO Space Challenge. Learn how to build and program a tadpole-turned froglet with WeDo 2.0! Have you always wanted a dog? Build an animated Dog-bot! Build a special theme or story—get creative!

Ninjago Spinjitzu

Week 7: July 29-August 2 | Grades K-6

Sensei Wu is assembling the best team of Ninjas ever seen… and he wants you to join! Participate in the battle against Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates, practice Ninjago moves and specialty skills, and build the Dojo of Awesome.
Then put Ninja robots to work:

  • Repair the bridge to the Temple of Airjitsu
  • Release Kai to set off fireworks
  • Free Zane’s dragon from his icy cage
  • Retrieve Lloyd’s sword and rescue Master Wu from the claw