FAQs for Social Distancing & Safety Guidelines
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Why are Kids Care and SOAR the best environment to support my student for distance learning?

Quality of Staff: Our staff know your studentsAdditionally, as a licensed care provider staff have extensive training including early childhood development coursework.  

Daily experience: Students will have plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities. Students will be grouped with students from their own schools and grades so that they are able to build relationships with their peer groups. 

Convenience: Future CUSD transitions to in-person or hybrid models are seamless and will not require transportation. 

Academic PartnerKids Care will have liaisons to schools and grade levels to address academic needs.  


I have already registered for the fall, does that guarantee my spot?

If you have already registered for student care for the fall,  you are only guaranteed your spot when we return to a traditional in-person school model.

If you need care during distance learning you must re-register for an updated schedule.

How do I update my program offering or schedule?

Families who have already registered will receive an email with instructions on how to update your schedule. You will need to complete this process by Wednesday, Aug. 12, to guarantee your spot.

Do I need to pay a second registration fee to enroll in care during distance learning?

No. Email if you are prompted to pay a second registration fee and need assistance.

Will you be operating at every CUSD elementary and middle school sites?

No. We will operate at multiple sites throughout Carlsbad so your family will be placed close to your home school. We will finalize placement by August 19th based on enrollment and capacity. We will ensure siblings and classmates are placed at the same Distance Learning Kids Care location.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

No. Due to the increased cost of serving our students with lower ratios and increased academic support we are unable to offer a sibling discount. 

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Families must complete our financial aid application found here. Applications must be received by Wednesday, August 12th to be considered for financial aid to start the school year. We accept financial aid applications throughout the school year and awards are based on available funds.

Why don’t you have weekly rates?
A monthly commitment is required for consistent groups and consistent student experience. This supports the safety of our staff and students.
If my student care needs change, how do I switch my schedule?

Approval for requested schedule changes is dependent on space availability. We require a 15-day written notice on all requested scheduled changes. You may login to your parent portal to initiate schedule changes. Please email your notice to

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes. Financial options will be available. Please email for more information.

I no longer need care – is the $75 registration fee refundable?

No. Registration fees are non-refundable. The $75 registration fee covers the entire 20/21 school year including Holiday Care and Summer Adventure Camp for the 2021 summer. We are hopeful you will return for any of these programs.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 15-day written notice on all cancellations. Please note, there are no changes to our cancellation policy during Distance Learning Care. Log into your parent portal to initiate a cancellation request.


Will my child get their classwork done during Kids Care/SOAR hours?

Our goal is to support distance learning during Kids Care/SOAR hours. Please note that we will not be able to provide 1:1 attention with students. Student who require 1:1 attention to complete assignments may have work to complete at home.

What will my student do during school hours and after-school hours?

Please see the sample schedule found on our Student Care page.

How will students be grouped?

Our goal is to group students by grade and school to provide the best social and academic environment. Please note that this is dependent on enrollment and grades may be combined.

How will I know what my student did during the day?

We will ensure daily communication regarding work completed.


My child is enrolled at a non-CUSD school. Can they enroll in student care?

We are not currently enrolling non-CUSD students. If you are interested in being added to our waitlist, please email

My child is enrolled at Seaside Academy. Can they enroll in Kids Care?

The student care daily schedule (sample schedule posted online) will follow the distance learning schedule released by CUSD and focus on academic support during the morning hours. All students will be required to complete academic work from 8 am – 1 pm.

Will lunch and snacks be provided?

Lunches are not provided and school cafeterias are closed. Students will be required to bring a lunch and water bottle. Water fountains are available for bottle refill only. We will provide a morning and afternoon snack.

Will snacks be provided?

Yes, we will provide a morning and afternoon snack. Students will be required to bring a lunch and water bottle. Water fountains are available for bottle refill only.

Are Chromebooks provided?

Students are encouraged to bring your CUSD assigned Chromebooks. Limited number of Chromebooks are available onsite for students as needed.

Are headphones provided?

No. Students are required to bring their own headphones.

COVID- 19/Safety Protocols

Please see our Fall 2020 Safety Protocol section to answer your questions regarding social distancing, cleaning protocols, group sizes, and masks etc.