Summer Adventure

Full-Day Child Care

Summer 2023


Full-Day Summer Adventure!

Carlsbad Kids Care delivers convenient, affordable, quality care all summer long with Summer Adventure! Students entering grades TK – 5 enjoy weekly themes that allow them to explore in a creative way, all day! Every Summer Adventure is infused with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), age-appropriate activities, crafts, group games, 90-minute lessons, outdoor recreation, and more!

100% of proceeds benefit the Carlsbad Unified School District for programs in music, science, and educational innovation!.

Weekly Adventures

June 13 - June 24

Blast Off Into Summer

3, 2, 1 blast off! Journey through the galaxies as we unearth real-world applications of STEAM. Learn about stars, planets in our solar system, and the technology we use to explore them. Create midnight galaxy slime, a solar system model, planet paintings, and our very own NASA-approved rocket! Expand your understanding of outer space in this stellar adventure!
Spirit Days

Thursdays: Wear your Adventure T-Shirt!
Friday, June 17: “Wacky Day” — Crazy hair, mismatched socks, backwards outfits … let’s get wacky!
Friday, June 24: “Alien Invasion” — Dress like an extraterrestrial! Stand out in neon colors, add googly eyes and don antennas!

June 27 - July 8

Cruisin’ Around the World

Hola! Namaste! Bonjour! Pack your bags for this amazing adventure around the globe where we’ll cruise from continent to continent. Journey through Mexico, India, and France. Create Mexican folk art, mirror art, and a Taj Mahal with watercolors. Design and engineer the Eiffel Tower with everyday pantry staples. Off we go to explore other cultures’ music, fashion, and cuisine.

Spirit Days

Thursdays: Wear your Adventure T-Shirt!
Friday, July 1: “Tourist Day” — Grab a fanny pack, wear cargo shorts, and don’t forget binoculars! Dress for this fun day learning about the world.
Friday, July 8 “Color Block” — Adventure staff will assign the color for you to dress from head to toe! It’s easy to find an outfit that matches on this spirit day.

July 11 - July 22

Nature Unleashed

Explore animals across the globe, from pets in your home to exotic species in distant lands. Discover why animals have unique characteristics, like the blubber on a whale, to survive in the wild. Unleash your inner zoologist to learn about reptiles, equines, canines, and felines. Animal adventurers will gain knowledge of animal diets, habitats, and how to protect these species.

Spirit Days

Thursdays: Wear your Adventure T-Shirt!
Friday, July 15: “Animal Print” — As you learn about animals, dress like one too! Wear your favorite animal print or the colors of an animal to show spirit.
Friday, July 22: “Costume Day” — It’s Halloween in July. Be spooky, elegant, or mythical and dress in a new or old Halloween costume.

July 25 - August 5

Full STEAM Ahead

Join our innovative adventure as we uncover the mysteries behind science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Design and build classical engineering marvels, like catapults and pendulums. Let your imagination run wild and become an inventor. Use concepts in physics, like centrifugal force, to make colorful art and exercise your brain with puzzles and math bingo.

Spirit Days

Thursdays: Wear your Adventure T-Shirt!
Friday, July 29: “Career Day” — What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian, doctor, or astronaut? Show us what’s your dream job by dressing in uniform!
Friday, August 5: “Decade Day” — Love to disco? Wear your hair BIG? Strut in bell-bottoms or tie-dye? Experience a Flashback Friday and dress in the styles of your favorite decade.

August 8 - August 19

Beat the Heat

End summer with a splash! Play water games like sponge tag, kiddie pool kickball, and water balloon volleyball. Compete with friends in an adventure-wide water relay race. Design and build a waterslide with recycled materials. Whip up refreshing treats to cool down and learn how to stay healthy in the heat!

Spirit Days

Thursdays: Wear your Adventure T-Shirt!
Friday, August 12: “Favorite Hat” — Have a baseball cap, spunky headband, or beloved visor? Wear it with pride – and function – on a sunny summer day.
Friday, August 19: “Hawaiian” — Say, ‘Ahola,’ in your favorite floral shirt or dress. Add a sarong or straw hat to have a relaxing island vibe all day.

Watch the videos to learn more about themed adventures!

Benefits to Enrollment


Early Bird Rate

Enroll early & save! 


Safe Environment

Safety guidelines include group size limitations, check-in procedures, and cleaning protocols.


Educational Fun

Sharpen understanding of mathematics, reasoning, reading, and more. Develop interpersonal relationships through teamwork and communication.


Age-Appropriate Activity

Students experience theme-centric activities in groups based on the grade they will be entering in the fall.



Enrichment Camp Discount

Attend an enrichment camp the same week you attend Summer Adventure and save $75 off the weekly rate!


Offsite Field Trips

Take an adventure offsite by signing up for one of the weeks with a field trip. Excursions include the movies, museums, and more.


What Parents Say

Mason loved the adventure this summer. He was always smiling and happy when picked up at the end of the day.

My girls came home happy every day they attended!

The kids were excited to come and we felt they were having fun and learning at the same time.

Policies & Financial Aid


Cancellations & Refunds:

If any summer program is canceled by Carlsbad Educational Foundation, including a CEF cancellation due to COVID-19, a full refund will be available or a change of schedule may be made with no processing fee. Carlsbad Educational Foundation respects the fact that life is unpredictable and that it may become necessary for you to withdraw from a summer program. In consideration to life’s uncertainties, we offer the following refund policies:

Summer Adventure
Receive 75% refund when cancellation is submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to the upcoming Summer Adventure. No credit or refund if canceling within two weeks of your scheduled start date. The $75 registration fee for Carlsbad Kids Care Summer Adventure is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellations in writing must be submitted via email to Carlsbad Kids Care: [email protected].

Enrichment Camps
Receive 75% refund when cancellation is submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to any half-day enrichment camp. Full-day enrichment camps must be canceled within four weeks of the start date for a 75% refund. No credit or refund if canceling within two weeks of a camp start date. You may transfer a purchased enrichment camp to another enrichment camp of the same price for no additional charge. Cancellations must be submitted via email to [email protected].

Summer Academy
Once a class has begun, students may withdraw by completing a Withdrawal Request Form found in the Summer Academy Handbook on our website page. You may also request a withdrawal form by emailing [email protected]. Final approval for dropping a class will be given by the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.

All enrollment cancellations and refund requests must be submitted through the Cancellation/Drop Request Form found online on our website page.

Refunds are issued based on the schedule listed below:

Please note: Dates are for Summer 2022
Prior to May 8 : Full refund minus a $25 processing fee
Between May 8 - May 22: 50% refund minus a $25 processing fee

After May 22: No refund

Any change of schedule may incur an additional $25 processing fee.

Tuition Assistance:

Carlsbad Educational Foundation awards financial assistance for Enrichment Camps and Summer Academy. A percentage of tuition assistance is discounted based on financial need and availability. Guardians must apply by the deadline assigned for each program. Applying for financial aid does not guarantee any financial aid will be awarded.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Enrichment Camps:

Round 1: March 7 – April 30, 2022 at 5 p.m.
Round 1 applicants will be notified by May 13

Round 2: May 1 – May 31, 2022 at 5 p.m.
Round 2 applicants will be notified by June 10

Applications received after May 31 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Summer Academy:

Deadline: April 30, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Application for Financial Aid (Click Here)



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