First Tech Challenge Robotics


FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a national program for high students, grades 9 – 12. In teams, students are challenged to document a season of building, designing, programming, and testing complex robots to be used in competition.

Different teams learn to work together through an alliance-based competition system designed to be competitive, respectful, and fun. Teams not only create a robot each season – they also bond, learn, and grow together.

Why Should I Join a Team?

  • Hands-on experience with technology
  • Great place to make new friends
  • Networking for the future
  • Team work skills
  • New experiences
  • It’s fun!

How Can I Join FTC Robotics?

Registration for FTC Robotics begins in the fall, at the beginning of the new school year. Check back for more information.

What Can I Expect Once I Join?

The FTC season is from September to February, and the time commitment is less compared to athletic sports. Team members can expect to hear lots of stories and create new ones!


Meet our Carlsbad Unified School District Teams


Carlsbad High School


Carlsbad High School

Buffalo Wings

Carlsbad High School


Sage Creek High School

Crow Force

Sage Creek High School


Sage Creek High School

Level Up

Sage Creek High School


Sage Creek High School


CEF Robotics Programs

All FIRST® LEGO® robotics programs in the Carlsbad Unified School District are funded by the Carlsbad Educational Foundation. CEF Invests nearly $150,000 annually in robotics for CUSD students. This includes:

  • Second-Grade Robotics: In-class program for all 2nd-grade students
  • FLL Robotics: After-school program for grades 4-8
  • FTC Robotics: After-school program for grades 9-12

The total cost for the 2nd-grade robotics program is a minimum $50,000 investment. The total cost for each FLL team member to participate in the program is approximately $900 per year. The total cost for each FTC team member to participate in the program is approximately $450 per year.