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Give one student the opportunity to realize their potential and pursue their dreams.

The Next Engineers

For years, doctors told Nate Key that he would be lucky to live past 18 years. Today, despite his rare form of muscular dystrophy, Nate endures and thrives. 

Your donation helps fund the Engineering Pathway for students like Nate to learn the tools of engineering and appreciate the power of designing with empathy. In partnership with the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, Nate Key received an $11,000 engineering scholarship from the Judith Campbell Educational & Community Foundation. He will study Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in fall of 2023.

A Bass for Ava

A new bass changed the life for high school student Ava Phillips. Your donation helps fund the cost of music instruments, and the instrument Ava received gave her the confidence to pursue music. Ava is attending a four-year college on a scholarship to play bass in the symphony.

Give to the Greatest Need

As our students, teachers, and schools face evolving challenges and new needs, your support is needed now more than ever.

Have an Immediate Impact

What Carlsbad schools receive from state funding isn’t enough to provide the educational excellence our students deserve. 


You Fund These Programs & More:

Science Olympiad

High and Middle School

Students compete academically in STEAM subjects. Includes weekly mentoring by industry professionals. Students learn preparation, commitment, coaching, and teamwork.

FIRST LEGO League Robotics

Elementary and Middle School

Learn the construction and operation of FIRST LEGO robots, concepts in engineering, coding, programming, and design. The season ends with a Robotics Showcase.

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

High School

Students develop skills in teamwork, collaboration, communication as well as engineering and software development through the FIRST Tech Challenge Program.

Music Teachers

Elementary School

Help fund dedicated teachers at every school site to teach specialty classes in music, art, science, and PE.

Innovation Coaches

All Schools

Equip teachers of every subject with the tools and training to integrate modern learning environments and technology to support students’ individual abilities and potential.

Science Days

Elementary and Middle School

Science Days exposes students to science in ways that are not possible in the classroom. Our community partners in STEAM industries help provide hands-on science experiences that apply to real-world concepts in these full-day explorations. 

Senior Scholarships

High School

Provide groceries to feed a Carlsbad school district family of four that includes fresh milk and produce.

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Kids Care Scholarships

Elementary School

Provide half or full-day student care for a family facing financial hardship.

Student Leadership Council

High School

Develop life-long leadership skills by studying curriculum covering non-profit, corporate, and community responsibility while serving as a student ambassador.

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