Get to Know CEO Laura Pitts

Get to Know CEO Laura Pitts

We asked our new CEO Laura Pitts to answer a few questions for you to get to know her better! Learn where she’s from, who inspired her path in leadership, and where you’re most likely to find her in Carlsbad.

Where are you from and how did you get to Carlsbad?

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan. After graduating, I moved to Chicago, where I lived for about 10 years. A career change brought me to California 12 years ago.

What’s an ideal weekend for you?

Waking up early with my family, grabbing a great cup of coffee, and heading out for an adventure to the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Who or what most influenced who you are today?

My field hockey coaches and teammates. I had great coaches both in high school and at college who taught me about work ethic, pushing limits, overcoming adversity, and how to be a good teammate. These lessons have guided me in both my personal and professional life.

What inspired your career path in education?

I have always loved working with kids and spent most of my summers in college babysitting and coaching youth field hockey. My first job out of college was working at a tutoring center. I absolutely loved seeing the pride in students’ faces when they were able to accomplish something new. I remember one student who came to us for help with reading. As his reading improved, he transformed into a confident, happy boy. When I moved to California, I had the opportunity to transition into higher education and witnessed the same type of transformation for adult students when they accomplished things they did not think were possible.

What are some of the things that make the Carlsbad educational system unique?

Carlsbad has endless opportunities for students. What I find so inspiring is the various types of experiences that students can have in Carlsbad. There is something for everyone here. Students can excel in science, music, performing arts, or athletics.

Outside of the office, where are we most likely to find you?

Running around after my two crazy boys. We are always out exploring new parks, playing at the beach, and trying new restaurants for our ‘pizza Friday’ family tradition.